Super Psychedelic Space Punk from Providence RI

Epic Absurdism. Sonic Surrealism.
Eyeball Adventures. Fantasy Frequency.

"The Viennagram treat every performance like constructing a piece of art. Everyone describes something different with the common thread being that realms of a typical rock show were pushed till they broke.The Viennagram have been for years the band one is guaranteed to walk away from seeing with a story guaranteed to be told over and over. - MOTIF MAGAZINE


“This is a show you need to see live, a show that resurrects music as an experience, as a social experiment, and not just a solitary glimpse of a divine but isolated noise.”

-Sam Markson ( MIT, Boston)

“the feel of a murder mystery with the intensity of a club banger that samples Bugs Bunny among other things and makes it work.”-Marc Clarkin, Motif Magazine

“all those who appreciate a little musical mischief and oddity should be sure to attend.”-Playground

“the group’s ability to exist in several different genres simultaneously while maintaining a coherent identity is impressive.”-MYMINDISAMUFFLER,WA

"they really thought of everything. They are fully loaded with quirky time keeping and genuine roller coaster Vocals, that keep you intrigued…They as a band know, that anyone will walk away from their Show A fan, no matter what kind of music you listen to." Stephen Goulet‎The, first timer